Self-Insured Entities and Their Role as Fiduciary

In this eBook, we discuss key points of the CAA and ERISA self-insured entities should pay attention to. We’ll explore strategies for maintaining compliance and mitigating the risk of legal repercussions.

Self-insured entities have a responsibility to act as responsible fiduciaries on behalf of their employees. Through this paper, we aim to provide some knowledge needed to fulfill this role effectively.


The State of Prescription Drug Costs in America

Employers bear an essential obligation to provide an attractive
health benefits package to employees. However, the associated expense has escalated to a nearly unsustainable point.

In this infographic, we highlight many primary pain points associated with these rising costs. Armed with this intelligence, employers can begin to address this growing problem. 


7 Proven Strategies to Minimize Health Plan Spend

The burden of healthcare costs is more pronounced than ever. This eBook highlights seven practical strategies your company can implement immediately to rein in these costs.

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