Separate Yourself from the Pack

In the US, there are well over 1,200 Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and a host of Administrative Services Only (ASO) companies, including Blue Cross, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, and Aetna (so-called BUCA), all competing within the same pool of clients. Your competition has access to the same products you do, including Stop Loss Carriers, Pharmacy Management Companies, and Provider Networks. 

Here’s your big challenge: how do you meaningfully differentiate yourself from the pack to retain existing clients and win new business?

With the insightful reporting from the HealthAnalytIQ platform, you gain a new advantage: an advanced solution that dramatically improves your ability to serve as a true “trusted advisor.” HCIQ’s automated datamatIQ Data Management System completely eliminates manual spreadsheet entry and the inevitable element of human error that comes with such administrative work, dramatically increasing efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, your clients gain easy access to actionable insights, enabling the achievement of these critical goals:

  • Improved health of employees and families
  • Increased productivity and morale
  • A dramatic boost to bottom-line numbers

The HealthAnalytIQ platform can answer the following client questions:

  • Who are our company’s riskiest members, and what are they costing us?
  • Can we monitor cost and utilization over time?
  • Which members are using the ED and Urgent Care for primary care?
  • How do we accurately identify and intervene in high-risk cases before they become high-cost cases?